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it's not work, i have try a lot of things A: Ok, I was able to find the solution myself: drag-drop the file into the kodi window change the resolution of the video output to 1080p with the "pc" settings in kodi it works, with the "android" settings it doesn't (as expected). Much software sucks, and it's our fault. - paulgb ====== cperciva Sometimes programs don't suck because they're great, and sometimes they suck because they're bad. But this article just concentrates on the latter case. Programs that suck can be avoided, by being careful about what you write programs to do. One of the best examples of this is Python -- the language simplifies the task of writing programs considerably, but the result is that Python programs are often very easy to understand. ~~~ paulgb I wrote the original, and have since changed my view to some degree. Most programs I write are things I want to automate for myself, and I still can't see how much of that has to do with my own choices. You're right, it's more that the tradeoffs in language design have resulted in programs that, on the whole, seem easier to read and maintain. But I'd say, even if I did write a library or something like that, if I had to release it I'd be a bit more careful about making it easy to understand. _I wrote the original, and have since changed my view to some degree._ Sure, we can both agree that Python is a good example of good program design, and that there are other programs out there that are bad. But you seem to concentrate on the reasons Python is good in your blog post, while I'm trying to point out the reasons why your example program might be bad. ------ cjdavis Programs that don't suck are the ones you write because it's something you wanted to automate. The reason I'm not happy with the definition of "a good program" in this




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Winkochan Studio 8.5 Crack E wrivany

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