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As the premier luxury travel and adventure booking site, TRAVL has aligned with world explorers to give perspective on lifestyle and experiences to help others along their path. Puerto Rico, USA Rincon, Rincon

Puerto Rico is simply an absolute beautiful destination with a wonderful culture and history. As you fly into 2 of the island's international airports you are greeted by warm salty airs and the kiss from the Caribbean sun. With many private residences to chose from, finding a rental property around the island is easy, choosing the diverse town will be your challenge. With so much to offer, Puerto Rico has many distinct geographic offerings which can all be explored in a weekend by rental car. From the West to East end of the island is 3-4 hours by car and one can book several different stays on a vacation to experience it all. We tend to stay in Rincon proper as it offers luxury amenities while providing elite level surfing and diving conditions year round. We love to explore the beaches and drive 20-30 minutes in all directions to reach mountains, sugar cane plantations, local markets and some of the best seafood we have ever feasted on. We recommend a 4-5 day stay to be able to relax, enjoy and become amigos with the locals.

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